Three Art Prints for Sale

The West Point Society of Naples (WPSN) is pleased to inform our membership that we have received a special, generous donation of three West Point framed prints from the family of one of our Society’s founding members. As the donor requested, our intention is to offer these prints for sale to our members with any monies received going to the WPSN.

Descriptions of each of the three prints and photos of the same with “Certificates of Authenticity” are included in the sections to follow. The acquisition of a print by a member will be treated as a purchase and no tax information will be provided by the WPSN. Should a member desire to secure a tax deduction for a percentage of his/her purchase price, the purchaser will be responsible for establishing the value of the print and his/her own tax documentation. Please note that the WPSN makes no warranties or guarantees on the authenticity or condition of these prints nor on the value of same.

The purchase process will be as follows:

  1. Information on each of the prints will be shared on the WPSN website and through a direct email campaign with our membership.
  2. If a member is interested in purchasing a print, we ask that he/she communicate his/her interest to the contact person shown below.
  3. A reserve price (minimum acceptable purchase price) will be set for each print.
  4. After approximately two weeks, we will communicate with all interested parties that the bidding process is now open and ask them to submit their bid for each piece they’re interested in purchasing. (Please note: a bid must be above the reserve price to be considered).
  5. After approximately one week’s time to receive bids, we will communicate with all interested parties who have submitted their bid what the current highest bid price is and allow them to submit their best and final bid.
  6. The person with the highest bid will receive notice that he/she can purchase the piece for the bid price he/she submitted.
  7. The purchaser will then have a week to submit his/her full payment; once received, he/she will be provided information on where and when to pick up the print. If the purchaser is not able to pick up the print in Collier or Lee County, the purchaser will be responsible for any and all shipping and insurance costs associated with delivery.  
  8. If the highest bidder does not consummate his/her purchase, the second highest bidder will be contacted to arrange a purchase and so forth as required.

If you are interested in bidding on any of the three prints described below, please so indicate NLT Monday, April 25th via email to:

Christopher Williams ‘87
President, WPSN
Email: [email protected]


Artist: Paul Steucke
Year Printed: 1993

Number 2621 of 2621 overall and 1 of 500 purchased by USMA Class of ‘63 with General MacArthur Foundation seal that includes countersigning by Bob Hope, Colin Powell, H. Norman Schwarzkopf, William Westmoreland, and James Ellis.

“Duty-Honor-Country” is the fifth print in a series of 14 on West Point published by Vladimir Arts USA, Inc.
Please see Certificate of Authenticity
Reserve Price: $4,000

"Graduation Parade"

Artist: Ben Maile
Year Printed: 1996

Number 2621 of 3,000 with the General MacArthur Foundation Seal.
“Graduation Parade” was the ninth print in a series of 14 on West Point published by Vladimir Arts USA, Inc.
Please see Certificate of Authenticity
Reserve Price: $500

"The Long Gray Line"

Artist: Ben Maile (signed personally by the artist signifying its quality and limited numbers).
Year Printed: 1989

Number 328 of 2,337 with the West Point seal. “We understand that this was the first print in the series of 14 published by Vladimir Arts USA, Inc”
Please see Certificate of Authenticity
Reserve Price: $4,000