Art Print for Sale: Duty, Honor, Country by Paul Steucke

The West Point Society of Naples (WPSN) is pleased to inform our membership that we have received a special, generous donation of a West Point framed print, Duty, Honor, Country by Paul Steucke, from the family of one of our Society’s founding members. As the donor requested, our intention is to offer this print for sale to our members with any monies received going to the WPSN.

About the print:

The artist, Paul Stuecke, hoped to convey the emotion and significance of the moment that was shared by everyone when General MacArthur gave his farewell address to the Corps.

The ghosts represent a historical cross section of soldiers and are dedicated to the memory of all military who have served our country. From left to right:

  • World War Two Officer, D-day Normandy;
  • Vietnam advisor;
  • Captain, Korean War;
  • General John Blackjack Pershing;
  • General Robert E. Lee;
  • General George Patton;
  • World War One doughboy;
  • and General Ulysses S. Grant.

General Douglas MacArthur is at the rostrum, General William Westmoreland lower right corner, and General Groves is with his back to the viewer.

Photos of the print with “Certificates of Authenticity” are included below.

We are conducting a raffle for this print. Tickets are $25 and 5 for $100.

How can you purchase tickets?
Here on our website and at all WPSN events this year: Fall Luncheon; Army/Air Force and Army/Navy Football Watch Parties; Annual Meeting/Luncheon; Founders Day; and Spring Luncheon.

The winning ticket will be drawn at our Spring Luncheon on 30 April 2024.

Information for the winner:

  • The winner will be provided information on where and when to pick up the print.
  • If the winner is not able to pick up the print in Collier or Lee County, the winner will be responsible for any and all shipping and insurance costs associated with delivery.
  • The acquisition of the print by a member will be treated as a purchase and no tax information will be provided by the WPSN. Should a member desire to secure a tax deduction for a percentage of his/her purchase price, the purchaser will be responsible for establishing the value of the print and his/her own tax documentation.
  • Please note that the WPSN makes no warranties or guarantees on the authenticity or condition of the print nor on the value of same.


Artist: Paul Steucke
Year Printed: 1993

Number 2621 of 2621 overall and 1 of 500 purchased by USMA Class of ‘63 with General MacArthur Foundation seal that includes countersigning by Bob Hope, Colin Powell, H. Norman Schwarzkopf, William Westmoreland, and James Ellis.

“Duty-Honor-Country” is the fifth print in a series of 14 on West Point published by Vladimir Arts USA, Inc.
Please see Certificate of Authenticity

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