President’s Letter

Dear Members of the West Point Society of Naples,

We’ve all experienced very challenging times these past 6-7 months dealing with the COVID pandemic, and I hope you and your family continue to be well. I know from speaking with a number of our members that for the majority of us, we continue to be rational optimists as we take care of our families, and interact with fellow grads, friends, business associates, and our communities. I believe every day forward is one day closer to having effective vaccines and treatments and ultimately winning this healthcare “war”.

As you know, activities for our 2020/2021 season generally begins in October each year. Our WPSN Board met recently to review the activities we normally organize, and decide what modifications need to be made given the current healthcare situation. We’ve decided on the following for this Fall:

• Army/Air Force Watch Event (scheduled for November 7) – CANCELED (Please Note: the Parents Club may hold a Watch Party; and if so and others are invited, we will post the details on our website)

• Fall Ft. Myers Luncheon (scheduled for November 18) – CANCELED

• Army/Navy Watch Event (scheduled for December 12) – ON HOLD FOR NOW
(In early November, we will make a decision on this event and any modifications, as appropriate)

Your WPSN continues to support Cadet and Candidate outreach and our local Parent’s Club as well as plans for our major events later in this season. Specifically, we will continue to closely monitor the developing situation; and while keeping the health of our members front and center, make timely decisions on our events and necessary changes to our practices. For your planning purposes, and assuming conditions allow, the schedule for our 2021 activities is as follows:

• Annual Membership Meeting Luncheon (scheduled for either January 23 or 30)

• Founders Day Dinner (scheduled for either March 11 or 18)

• Ft. Myers Spring Luncheon (scheduled for May 13)

I hope you’ve had an opportunity to stay informed on activities at our Academy, and see the fabulous start for our Army football team!

Please stay well. Thank you for your continued support of our Society.


Garrett Dietz ‘73
President, West Point Society of Naples