President’s Letter

September 25, 2022

Dear Members of the West Point Society of Naples,

Imagine a time of newness. The first glimmer of light beginning to glow luminescent on a promising day. Shadows, muffled sounds, barely distinguishable silhouettes moving with purposeful intent. Eager anticipation blending with a swirl of palpable excitement. A wonderful moment. It is morning in SWFL and across that shimmering, dewy landscape the bugle calls – Come, Join, Rally all you West Point graduates, spouses, cadets, potential candidates, parents, volunteers and families. A new season is upon us, and you have a role in The West Point Society of Naples!

The West Point Society of Naples exists for you. How we socialize, network, and operate is really determined by your involvement and participation. Many of us are pulled in seemingly endless directions by work, causes, and commitments. Limited time, finite resources, and current conditions present problems and challenges to how much is possible.

Rest assured that the Board of your West Point Society of Naples works tirelessly on your behalf. The Board understands your interests and concerns and brings an impressive background of military and civilian experience to your Society. The Society is coming off another successful year because of you. In August West Point Society of Naples was awarded WPAOG’s Distinguished Society Award for the 21st consecutive year. The entire board is honored to guide the Society on a path for continuing success.

Accordingly, we have some wonderful events planned for this season:

1) On October 27th, the Fall Luncheon will be held at Kelly Greens Golf and Country Club.
2) On November 5th, the Parent’s Club will be hosting an Army – Air Force Watch party. Expect news on the location in an upcoming announcement.
3) On December 10th, the Army – Navy Watch party will be held at a new venue. Expect an announcement with the new location.
4) On January 28th, the Annual Meeting & Luncheon will be held at Grey Oaks Country Club.
5) On February 6th, the Joint Academy Golf Challenge will be held at Plantation Golf & Country Club.
6) On March 9th, our Founders Day event will be held at Grey Oaks Country Club.
7) On April 20th, the Spring Luncheon will be held at Kelly Greens Golf and Country Club.

Please make sure to bookmark our website and keep an eye on your in-box for WPSN event announcements and R.s.v.p forms from Cathy Speer.

In addition to organizing these events for you, the Board is working to implement an ambitious plan that aims to secure the long-term financial sustainability of all the elements of our Society’s mission. Your participation and generosity in this effort is greatly appreciated and a fitting legacy to members of The Long Grey Line in SWFL. There will be opportunities both big and small for you to help put the Society in a financially secure position that will guarantee self-sustainment. Your involvement will ensure the Society’s presence, operations, and the support of present and future generations of USMA graduates in SWFL.

I look forward to seeing and speaking with you this season. It is truly an honor to serve alongside such a wonderful group of people. Thank you! I wish you all the very best.


/s/ Christopher Y. Williams
Christopher Y. Williams ‘87
President, West Point Society of Naples