Parent’s Club New Cadet Meet & Greet

On June 6, 2021 the West Point Parents Club of Southwest Florida held a Meet & Greet dinner for the seven, local, incoming Class of 2025 cadets and their families. Five of the seven new cadets attended, and of the two cadets who could not attend, they had family members present. Three members of the Class of 2023 and rising Cows Noah Sheffield, Katelyn Brunson and Kiersten Eggers were on hand to speak one on one with the new cadets and share their personal experiences. General Gary Speer and his wife, Cathy, also attended to offer words of support and encouragement to these young adults who are about to embark on their 47-month West Point journey. Congratulations and best wishes to Jack Laterra, Kelli Ahlquist, Jake Azizi, Jake Gibson, Anthony Tinerella, and not pictured Liam Holston & Austin Henning!

Class of 2025 Admits: Front Row: Jack Laterra, Kelli Ahlquist
Back Row: Jake Azizi (USMAPS), Jake Gibson, Anthony Tinerella
(Liam & Austin not present)

New Cadets with 2023 “Cows” Kelli, Kiersten, and Noah

General Speer addressing the group