2020 Virtual Hail & Farewell Celebration

WPSN Members,

As Term-End Exams (TEEs) draw to a close and the academic year winds down, it’s time to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating Firsties and our incoming Cadet Candidates.

The West Point Parents Club of Southwest Florida’s hosted a Virtual Hail & Farewell celebration. The celebration video features pre recorded messages from our soon-to-be 2LTs, local area cadets, family members, and members of the West Point Society of Naples Board of Directors. No significant event would be complete without representation from the 50-Year Affiliation Class, so you will find a special welcome message from Pete Lilly ’70 speaking to the about-to-be graduated Firsties: Ruben Arderi ’20, Matt DiBiase ’20 and Hunter Powell ’20.

To our incoming cadet candidates, and in keeping with the tradition of Hail & Farewell, our graduating Firsties have some words of wisdom to share specifically with you. Know that we are all excited to welcome you to our West Point family. It’s unfortunate that due to the pandemic our ability to gather as a group is not a possibility. We can, however, still celebrate the hard work that has brought you this far and offer our congratulations and support as you begin your West Point journey.

You can access the celebration at https://youtu.be/R78z6dfcOA0.

Congratulations to all of our graduating Firsties and incoming cadet candidates!

Stay Safe and Go Army!